You better not view Day Shift (horror movie)

"Day Shift" is a new vampire hunting movie starring Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco. The movie tells the story of a blue collar dad trying to provide a better life for his young daughter. However, his routine job in San Fernando Valley pool cleaning is a disguise for his true income, hunting down and killing vampires as part of an International Union of Viper Hunters.

The premise sounds exciting, but can J.J. Perry deliver on it?

Jamie Foxx and a young lady named Vampire are in a crazy action scene that opens "Day Shift". The sequence then turns into a mad fight between the two. This kind of ragdoll physics makes the action scenes really pop. I think the movie does a better job than most action movies on Netflix or blockbusters. It's easy not to think about the old saying, "action speaks Louder than words". I believe that Day Shift is able to successfully use dialogue and action to help the plot and character growth. Jamie Foxx's character kills the vampire. He then has a funny, dry conversation with his partner about how he believed she would become a bat or other animal. These moments are what make "Day Shift" stand out from other similar films.

Day Shift is another fun, non-serious film that I felt like I could genuinely enjoy the whole way through. I found it entertaining and not too complicated. It featured great action and was unique. It was funny and made me laugh a lot. Of course it also took reference from som brilliant vampire films such as Blade and the Lost Boys which (view page) also happen to be some of my favorite films. The acting was solid, the directing was brilliant and the cinematography quite impressive. If you're looking for a movie to watch that's just enjoyable and not too serious, then I would recommend checking out Day Shift. It's very entertaining.

Day Shift was a mixed film. On one hand, there is a lot of fun action and some fun characters (the brothers and Seth), but on the other hand the villain was horrible and there are a lot of mediocre characters. There were scenes that could have been added but they didn't. Bud's neighbor acts as if they are friends even though she had only 3 minutes screen time before the final scene. That helps the good characters shine even further. Overall, it is a good movie. However, it could have been much better.

Snoop Dogg is the star of the movie. Snoop Dogg is a favorite of many. He's the definition of cool.

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